Burnham Resources Advises Employers Paying Employees Statutory Sick Pay

Burnham Resources, a consultancy specialising in recruitment and outplacement, payroll jobs and payroll staffing based in Egham, Surrey, UK, has recently released an advisory article for employers paying employees Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). This is for cases where an employee is off sick for more than four days in a row, even if it’s not a working day, they can be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay. This entitles them to £87.55 per week for up to 28 days. They cannot be paid less than the statutory amount but employers can offer more if the company has a sick pay scheme, which must be included in an employment contract.

Statutory Sick Pay is paid for the days an employee normally works, this is called ‘qualifying days’ and is paid in the same way as wages; on the normal payday, deducting tax and National Insurance. Employers can use the SSP calculator on the HMRC website to work out the daily amount.
More details about the Burnham Resources’ article on correctly paying employees statutory sick pay is at http://www.burnhamresources.co.uk/paying-employees-statutory-sick-pay/.

Employers are advised to recruit the right payroll staff that will help ensure they are able to do this for the welfare of their employees and that they receive the right care and pay that allows them to do this.

About Burnham Resources:

Burnham Resources is a recruitment and outplacement consultancy specialising in payroll jobs, payroll staffing and payroll vacancies. The agency is based west of London near to Heathrow, it is an independent consultancy better placed at the hub of a network of contacts comprising of many contractors and user clients. More info about Burnham Resources payroll services is available at their web page.