New Markilux 730 Awnings Installed To Sinclair House School in Fulham

The Sinclair House school new premises on Fulham High Street receive new Markilux 730 pivot arm awnings from blinds and awnings manufacturer, Deans. These Markilux 730 awnings are the perfect solution for a site requiring a small, yet robust, retractable awning which maximises cover depth and thereby logo exposure. The Sinclair House logos on these […]

Deans Classic Commercial Awnings Installed at the Benenden Community Shop

The Benenden Community Shop is firmly at the centre of the Cranbrook community. For a great number of local people, the shop provides an essential lifeline, for others. It is valued as a convenience which is welcome. Everyone will find something new at the shop. A key element is that the entire business will be operated by […]

Team Discovery Gives Away Tips to Help Small Businesses Can Get Started with Social Media

Web design based in Surrey has recently published an article of tips on how businesses can get started with social media. VIRGINIA WATER, U.K. – May 16, 2016  — Team Discovery Ltd., a web design  plus marketing agency based in Surrey has recently  published  a blog article  of tips on how small business owners can […]

Researchers Reveal How to Make Yourself Digitally Invisible to Snoopers Tracking You Online

Most people are under the impression that by being online it is impossible to avoid data snatchers. However, researchers have found that there are ways to cover your digital tracks. These researchers believe that it is important to educate the public on how to fight against digital surveillance, how to keep your personal information private, […]

Burnham Resources Advises Employers Paying Employees Statutory Sick Pay

Burnham Resources, a consultancy specialising in recruitment and outplacement, payroll jobs and payroll staffing based in Egham, Surrey, UK, has recently released an advisory article for employers paying employees Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). This is for cases where an employee is off sick for more than four days in a row, even if it’s not […]

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